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March 19, 2014

It's been awhile since I've been around these parts... tired, swollen feet and all that. So to catch us up, I'm taking stock today.

Making: A quilt
Cooking: something with vegetables
Drinking: hot lemon & honey
Reading: What To Expect / Up the Duff
Wanting: A good sleep
Looking: more pregnant
Playing: John Legend
Deciding: on a name
Wishing: for cooler weather
Enjoying: weekends
Waiting: to see if my sore throat avoids becoming a full blow cold
Liking: the split pea soup I made for dinner
Wondering: what happened to MH370 :(
Loving: my caring husband
Pondering: what our baby will look like
Watching: The Block 
Hoping:  for an early night
Marvelling: we get to meet our little boy in about 14 weeks
Needing: new shoes for my swollen feet
Smelling: everything. not always a good thing.
Wearing: stretchy clothes
Following: too many blogs
Knowing: i'm very loved
Thinking:  i'm a lucky lady
Feeling: baby kicks
Admiring: my mum
Sorting: baby clothes
Buying: craft supplies
Getting: heavy
Bookmarking: everything 'baby' on Pinterest
Disliking: unhelpful advice
Opening: a bottle of sparkling mineral water
Giggling: at this.

*Picture is from a month ago - the view up when my belly & I were stuck between my car and the wall in our driveway.

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