introducing: Chase Edison Albert

August 17, 2014

It's taken a little while to find my feet to manage to post the news but on 3rd July, our precious little guy arrived. Meet Chase.

I can't thank everyone who has given me so much love and support through our infertility struggles, IVF and pregnancy. We are so grateful for our 'village'.

24/52 Portraits {days, weeks, not long to go}

June 17, 2014

:: A portrait of my baby, once a week, every week, for a whole year ::

There may be 11 portraits missing in between the last one I posted and this but I don't want to miss capturing as much of this miracle of pregnancy as I can.

I'm so ready for this little guy to be born. I'm 38 weeks and he's all grown and ready to come whenever it's the right time.

Yes, i'm uncomfortable but that's not why I want him to be come now. Yes, I feel like my body has almost reached it's limit but that's not why I want him to come now. Yes, I have chronic carpal tunnel pain, sharp pains down my legs and in my back, rarely get much sleep and have to pee ALL the time - but they still aren't the reasons why I want him to come now.

I feel like we are standing at a door. Behind that door is a whole new world. There is someone I love there. Someone I'll love more than I've ever loved before. In fact, I already love that person and it's hard to imagine loving him more but I know I will. When I think about finally holding him in my arms my eyes are flooded with tears.

But we can't open that door. We have to wait for that door to be opened for us. After so many years of praying and hoping, we are standing there, finally right in front of that door. It's in arms reach. It's right before us. But we have to be a patient a little bit longer.

So however long until that time finally comes, I'll do my best to cherish this time. Each kick. Each wriggle. Each giant stretch that feels like he's a metre long. Knowing he can hear my heart. The heart that beats for each of those wriggles. The heart that beats for the chance to finally see his face and kiss his cheeks.

It's really hard to imagine how I every got so lucky.

Still here {& 37 weeks pregnant}

June 10, 2014

Yep, still pregnant. 37 weeks to be exact - well 37 weeks + 4 days today. I think it's fair i've epically failed at keeping up with posting weekly baby bump photos BUT I have {almost} taken weekly photos. 

I've also been working on a project life album of each week (ok i've only done up to 27 weeks but it won't take much to catch up). So don't worry, this precious tiny human of ours has sufficient record of his gestation.

I'm on maternity leave from work now which is great as I was really not dealing with it physically. With all the fluid retention I've got carpal tunnel. Let's just say, while being super thankful and blessed for this miracle baby and being able to be pregnant, carpal tunnel hurts like a bitch. 

If you haven't heard much about it, carpal tunnel isn't very conducive to blogging as typing (or doing anything with my hands) for more than 5 minutes REALLY hurts. But I feel so very lucky for our little boy and that I still (for only a few more weeks) get to feel his little kicks and squirms so I want to record it.

I'll do my best to catch up in a few posts of the last few months photos so we're all up to date.

So here we are - 37 weeks. 9 months. Full term. Fully engaged. Ready to go. This is exciting kids!

12/52 (& a whole lot of catching up!)

March 24, 2014

The week I last posted a portrait, my feet started swelling up. I've been really tired and whenever I get home from work I'd get into whatever was most comfortable and put my feet up on the couch - not so conducive for picture taking. 

I'm not much better today but I'm so grateful for the chance to be growing this little person, I don't want to miss the chance of recording it all. So I don't exactly love my chubby tired face in this photo, but at least our tiny little guy can look back at this photo one day and know how excited I was about him.

and here's a few snaps from the last few weeks (there are 2 pictures for 10/52 because I was pretty excited about the pie we bought that day). 
and now we're all caught up! x

:: taking stock {march} ::

March 19, 2014

It's been awhile since I've been around these parts... tired, swollen feet and all that. So to catch us up, I'm taking stock today.

Making: A quilt
Cooking: something with vegetables
Drinking: hot lemon & honey
Reading: What To Expect / Up the Duff
Wanting: A good sleep
Looking: more pregnant
Playing: John Legend
Deciding: on a name
Wishing: for cooler weather
Enjoying: weekends
Waiting: to see if my sore throat avoids becoming a full blow cold
Liking: the split pea soup I made for dinner
Wondering: what happened to MH370 :(
Loving: my caring husband
Pondering: what our baby will look like
Watching: The Block 
Hoping:  for an early night
Marvelling: we get to meet our little boy in about 14 weeks
Needing: new shoes for my swollen feet
Smelling: everything. not always a good thing.
Wearing: stretchy clothes
Following: too many blogs
Knowing: i'm very loved
Thinking:  i'm a lucky lady
Feeling: baby kicks
Admiring: my mum
Sorting: baby clothes
Buying: craft supplies
Getting: heavy
Bookmarking: everything 'baby' on Pinterest
Disliking: unhelpful advice
Opening: a bottle of sparkling mineral water
Giggling: at this.

*Picture is from a month ago - the view up when my belly & I were stuck between my car and the wall in our driveway.

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