January 21, 2014

A portrait of my baby, once a week, every week, for a whole year

We are officially at 17 weeks (and 2 days to be exact)... I love each week that passes knowing that our baby is growing and it's becoming more real.

These scans were taken at our last few appointments (and aren't from this week) but i'm not sure my belly looks any different from the picture I took 5 days ago so figured it was a bit boring to post another one. I'm starting to feel like this round belly is firming up a bit thought and looking more pregnant than just chubby (I hope!).

I'm wondering if a photo a week was over-reaching a bit... there's only so many shots you can take of a stomach right? I wanted them to be a bit different rather just a standard side shot with the date and what size fruit or vegetable the baby is that week... so, got any ideas?

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