IVF: Embryo Transfer

December 17, 2013

The days leading up to our embryo transfer are hard to describe. I was so excited but also so nervous with each and every phone call from the embryologist. Each time though it was good news and I wanted to run around and tell anyone I saw about our embryos. (don't worry, I didn't).

It was hard to not be scared that the good news would eventually stop. We were so blessed that it was great news that we had 4 embryos that made it to day 3 and our embryo transfer was finally scheduled. I had soft cheese for lunch two days in a row before in excitement of 'being pregnant'. (and I really love soft cheese).

Technically, once the transfer took place I'd be pregnant - I just needed to stay pregnant. That bit was scary. Would my body let me down again? Everything had worked when it was out of my body, so what would happen when it was up to me again?

I was also scared about it working. I mean, not about being pregnant. After all, we'd wanted this for years and paid thousands upon thousands of dollars for this opportunity. I felt scared, that if (or when - I was only using positive words - affirmations and all that) it happened, i'd lose my friends who were still struggling with infertility.

I didn't want them to hate me for having what they wanted too. The last thing I wanted to do was inflict any pain on them as I know that feeling of despair all too well. I value so much the friendships I'd made here on this blog and in the real world. I didn't want to lose any of that. 

Despite the fears, the transfer day was so exciting. We couldn't believe this day was actually happening - finally! After so much time talking about it and weighing up whether we should even do the IVF, we'd actually have a tiny jess & tom embryo in my belly.

The procedure for the transfer was way easier than egg collection. No anesthetic so I had to brave the embarrassment but it was no worse than a pap test and over in the same amount of time. And you know, after the whole IVF cycle - you kinda get used to having no pants on. (fun times).

The moment we saw our embryo up on the screen was amazing. That bunch of cells was me and tom. And within just a few minutes, the specialist showed us the little tiny speck on the ultrasound that was our embryo sitting right there in my tummy. and it was all ours.

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