How to a survive a disaster

September 27, 2012

...the disaster of running out of treats when all the stores are closed of course (or like me, you just don't want to leave the house)

my solution = make cookies 

easy cookies at that. These two are my go to recipes. seeing as I lost a bet at work and had to bring a treat for my whole team, I decided to make them this week. I haven't been getting home before 8pm so I didn't want to spend more than 30 mins on them. Both recipes have 4 ingredients or less and are simply mix and cook... my favourite kind of baking.

Both are gluten free (if you use gluten free flour - they come out the same as regular).

Peanut Butter + Choc Chip Cookies

Nutella Cookies

Method (they are so easy, it's the same for both):

Mix all ingredients together. Make into small balls and place on lined baking trays. flatten and bake in preheated 180c (360f) oven for 8-10minutes. They will harden out of the oven so take them out after no more than 10. They will deliciously chewy.

I know, you want to send me love letters now. 

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