Sagrada Familia

May 17, 2012

The reason I got to take these recent overseas trips was attending a conference for my work in Barcelona. I've never been to Spain before let alone any other part of Europe so I was very excited! Well as I went to the US first to see my sister and wanted to make it back to Australia in time for our wedding anniversary, I was left with very little time for actually seeing Barcelona.

Luckily there as a 2.5hour break one afternoon in the conference schedule that we took as tour time!

My colleague Anna and I headed into the city with a handful of Spanish between us to do a bit of sightseeing. We went to Sagrada Familia and although I didn't get to see much more of Barcelona I felt content as it is AMAZING!

Just so you know, the photos DO NOT do it justice. 

 We also wandered around the streets trying to make our way to the Ramblas without a map and here are a few more of our discoveries. Definitely looking forward to heading make one day with Tommy (and learning spanish first!)

**edit** I have to thank my lovely friend Leanne for 'encouraging' me to make sure I got out and saw some of Barcelona. I think jet lag may have won out if it wasn't for her enthusiasm on twitter and for that I'll be forever grateful x

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