Where did Bob go?

April 5, 2012

So the other day I was making a birthday cake for a charming 2 year old. This little dude loves Bob the Builder. So a Bob the Builder cake... not very complicated right?

Turns out Bob is on vacation or something. all the regular toy stores... not one Bob the Builder toy. I finally found a helpful staff member and was told "Oh we don't stock that any more". I wonder where Bob went on vacation... Hawaii maybe? Bali?.

So we had a iced and piped cake with nothing to decorate it with! Luckily, we found some cute little trucks and the birthday boy already had a few Bob toys. This is how it ended up.

Cake can get pretty heavy. Sometimes you need some good earth moving equipment to sort things out. I was told that everyone loved it, and it was tasty too. (phew! I often have a bit of a 'usual Jess/OCD/anxious perfectionism freak out while making things for special occasions). 

If you see Bob when you are next on holiday be sure to tell him to get back to work!

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