Me & Him

We were both born in 1984 and as he likes to remind me often, I was born first... by 6 whole weeks.

Why do we have a blog? Well i don't think my life is that interesting but i'm a scrapbook drop out and wanted a way to record our little old lives.

He was in love when he saw me 'trying' to salsa... I loved his big smile and kind eyes. We said I love you after about 3 weeks although we felt it earlier but were holding out until the other said it... (he totally said it first!) and the rest is history.

We tied the knot on the anniversary of our first date in May 2010 and we are still loving every minute!

He likes ice cream, anime, video games of the console variety, biting his nails and walking around in his skivvies.

I like diet coke, cheese, nana craft, celebrations (birthdays, christmas, anything), my teeth without braces, bright coloured nail polish and sleeping.

Yes, we're a match made in heaven x

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